#NotTooYoungToRun: Finally, 35-year-olds can run for president!

The senate on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved the widely popular age criteria reduction for political offices.

The amendment votes read thus: 86 in support, 10 against, 1 abstention.

The amendment is the thrust of the Not Too Young To Run campaign, an internationally backed advocacy to broaden political access for younger Nigerians.

The campaign had pushed for reduction of age criteria for the office of president, senatorial seat, as well as national and state houses of assembly seats.

However, the senate’s amendment reduced the age criteria for president to 35, governor and senate to 30, and the national and state assemblies’ to 25.

This development is being greeted with so much excitement from young Nigerians who have coordinated a sustained campaign for months to ensure the success of the amendment.

Many will hope that this positive step will be replicated so as to get the amendment across the finish line because for it to become fully incorporated into the Nigerian constitution, 24 state assemblies will have to vote in support of it, after which the president’s assent will be required.

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