Microsoft makes progress in attempt to shut down hacking group linked to Russian govt

Tech giants Microsoft is reportedly making headway in its attempt to shut down Russian hacking group Fancy Bear.

For more than a year, Microsoft has been working to shut down the hacking group believed to have ties to the Russian government, through what some might consider an unorthodox method: the courts.

Recent reports suggests that the Redmond tech giant’s suit against the group has disrupted the “command and control” servers that the hackers use to direct their attacks.

The Daily Beast reports that Microsoft has managed to capture 70 of these control points since August by taking over domain names rather than physical servers.

Microsoft is then able to re-route those domains away from servers used by the hacking group to its own, where it can separate the malicious code from victims and get a window into Fancy Bear’s actions.

Fancy Bear is known for registering domain names that sound like Microsoft products, which opened them up to one of Microsoft’s legal claims, trademark infringement.

The hacking group, according to The Daily Beast, has breached NATO, the Obama White House, numerous military agencies and NGOs around the world, and perhaps most famously, the Democratic National Committee.

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