These are certainly not the best of times for singer Dammy Krane who is still being held in a US prison after he was arrested on grounds of grand theft, credit card fraud and impersonation.

The development has somewhat forced a change his Wikipedia profile page which is now updated with his latest travails and arrest on the free digital encyclopaedia.

A quick check on the singers Wikepedia profile shows that a section tagged “Arrest” has been added to his main page which reads thus; “On Friday 2nd June 2017, the Nigerian news circuit was set ablaze with surprising news that Dammy Krane had been arrested in the US for Grand Theft, Credit Card & Identity Fraud.

“In the days that followed more details revealed that the talented Nigerian musician had used a stolen credit card to book a private jet from a company – Tap Jets – while on holiday in Miami.

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“The company had detected the artiste’s fraud due to discrepancies in the credit card information he had provided. In the days leading to his arrest, the artist had shared a number of photos on Instagram which showed a lavish lifestyle and openly seemed to display wealth,” the impute on the arrest section read in full.

Meanwhile, incoming reports suggests that Dammy Krane may spend close to 40-years in prison if convicted of the charges levelled against him especially with the fact that Tapjets, the company that owns the jet which was allegedly booked by the singer using the stolen credit cards, has vowed to press charges against the jailed singer whose bail is set at $22,500.

Anyone who uses someone else’s personal identifying information to obtain property or anything of value worth more than $5,000 commits a second-degree felony according to the Florida State Credit Card Crime Act.

And anyone found guilty or convicted of a felony identity theft crime in Florida faces anywhere from a year to 40 years or more in prison according to the law.

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