Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe who is just recovering from a case of battery meted out to her by her husband is currently in the United Kingdom visiting a doctor for more treatment and check-up.

The mother of two took to Instagram to share pictures of her visit to a UK hospital where she went visiting a specialist Oral and Maxilloficial Surgeon for further check-up and medical care.

In the picture post on the social media platform, Mercy scribbled a message which reads thus; “In the UK to see an Oral and Maxilloficial Surgeon; no woman should go through these much pain, anguish and trauma all in the name of marriage.”

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Days after she was reportedly beaten by her husband, a CT scan conducted at St. Solomon Health Care Limited in Lagos, showed that Mercy suffered a head fracture from beatings she received.

The actress had to go through the check-up for swellings an fractures within the head, usually caused by blunt forced trauma and the conclusion of the CT scan revealed that Mercy suffered fracture on her left orbit with hermeation of orbital fat, medial rectus and left interior oblique muscles.

Mercy who according to her has been suffering and enduring domestic violence only made her travails public when news of her assault by her husband Lanre Gentry went viral.

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